The A-B-C’s


The A-B-C’s of ‘Merica (America)

A is for Ableism/Ageism/Assimilation
B is for Belittling Difference
C is for Capitalism/Colonialism/Consumerism/Cyborg Nation
D is for Disenfranchisement of Political Participation/Discrimination
E is for Ethnocentrism/Economic Inequality/Eugenics-Our Dirty Secret
G is for Globalization is Great!
H is for Heteronormativity
I is for Individualism/Institutionalization of the “Disabled”/Injustice
J is for Jobs That Don’t Exist
K is for Kicking Political Dissent to the Curb
L is for Lousy Funding of Education/Locke is Lovely
M is for Misogyny/Myth of the American Dream/Marginalization/Marx is Malicious
N is for Non-binding Agreements are the Name of the Game
O is for Oligarchy
P is for Patriarchy/Paternalism/Poverty is Your Fault
Q is for Questionable Public Health Policies
R is for Racism
S is for Sexism/Security State/Selective Citizenship
T is for Tyranny of the Wealthy/Torture is Politically Necessary at Times/Technocracy
U is for Undeniable Arrogance/United Nations Bully
V is for Violence
W is for White Privilege Wins
X is for Xenophobia
Y is for You Obviously Don’t Deserve It/Your Body is Not Your Own
Z is for Zealotry

The A-B-C’s of Social Justice

A is for Acceptance/Accessibility
B is for Being Thankful/Butch is Beautiful
C is for Community Centered Approaches/Crip Power
D is for Disability Pride/Dignity/Descartes Is Dumb!
E is for Embracing Equality/Education For All
F is for Financial Independence/Feminism/Foucault Is Fantastic!
G is for Giving Freely
H is for Healing Social Wounds
I is for Interdependence/Immigration Is Not A Crime
J is for Joining Hands With One Another
K is for Keeping Our Promises
L is for Living Wages
M is for Meaningful Work For All/My Body My Decision
N is for Nothing About Us Without Us
O is for Opening Up
P is for Piss On Pity
Q is for Quitting Practices of Exclusion
R is for Revolutionary Consciousness
S is for Solidarity/Standing On The Side Of Love/Sustainability
T is for Transgender Rights And Safety
U is for Understanding Privilege
V is for Vitalism
W is for Willingness To Accept We’re Not Always Right
X is for Xenophilia
Y is for Yearning To Be Better-Always
Z is for Zero Tolerance For Unjust Oppression

-Theoretically Yours

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