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I am a political science phd student who is also working simultaneously on getting graduate certificates in women and gender studies and disability studies. I teach a variety of courses at the City University of New York (CUNY) Queens College campus. I write from my own queer (bisexual), female identified, and disabled (PTSD/chronic depression) embodiment. I do not claim to speak for all people or any people for that matter- only myself.

While some of my posts will engage academia more specifically the political purpose of this blog is disseminate the insights and instruction of political theory, feminist thought, and disability studies in a way that is accessible to all. With that in mind, I will attempt as much as possible to use plain language and where I cannot because of specific terminology I will always try to provide a sufficient definition and examples. Moreover, if there is a part of my site that you feel is inaccessible PLEASE message/email/comment on it for me.

Also if you like Star Trek or cute photos of furry animals, I encourage you to share your thoughts/photos of both.

-Theoretically Yours

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